The Success of “Voices of Women” Project #VOW at Wagner College initiated by Mandela Washington Fellow Chinomnso Ibe


VOICES OF WOMENSetting goals and achieving it with support of like minds brings to much Joy especially when you are able to pull through all the road blocks and huddles.

VOICES OF WOMEN ….The stories behind it;
Right at the time I was applying for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders​ . I began to plan and think of few projects and activity to do where ever am posted. Life has thought me that we have so much power , ideas and passion living in us to make our dreams come through of course with God on our side.

I had the proposal initially with the theme AFRICAN MOTHERS & CHILDBIRTH, with the set goal of getting the Fellows together to talk about the “Triumph and Tragedies” of Childbirth in Africa through storytelling, dramas, songs and spoken words.ready to share with my host university. Eventually got selected and posted to Wagner College in NY.

Chinomnso, Founder Traffina Foundation

I shared the proposal to my host university Wagner College on the things I would like to do during the 6 weeks so the could add it to the program.

Dr. Nora LOwy

Lucky enough it was accepted and my Mentor Dr. Nora Lowy Director of Physician Assistant Programs with her team , fellowship Coordinators , my Collaborator Rugie Bhar and the Mandela Washington Fellows came on board to make it happen. This the beginning of partnership between Wagner College Project PAC & Traffina Foundation for Community Health

Later on we changed the theme  to “VOICES OF WOMEN ” because we thought it was wise to give other women outside Africa an opportunity to share there stories as well.

Of course there were lots of huddles a on the way, but guess what? it was a goo experience for me as a Civic Leader , pushing harder for success knowing that good things do not come so easy too.

On the 30th July 2015 Voices of Women took place and happened to the first established partnership between Traffina Foundation & Wagner College. It was one the ever recorded powerful events at Wagner. The support of the 2015 Mandela Washington Fellows gave made it very beautiful.

YALI FELLOWSTen (10) Beautiful Voices spoke and represented Nigeria, Kosovo, Guatamala, Togo, Liberia, America, Guinea, Malawi and two wonderful voices of our two Male fellows who thrilled the crowd with songs having more than 300 guest and students in attendance . The students made donations and dropped lovely notes for our women as well.

I am so excited for this great achievement and looking forward to all of us standing strong together to make positive changes as women in Africa.

A big thank you to God, President Obama, Project PAC of Wagner College and the Mandela Washington Fellowship ,  #MWF2015 for this great opportunity.

Here are more photos of the event.

Chinomnsos PresentationFellows Chinomnso, Grace and Aissatou

Presentation on the Moms & Newborn delivery Kits

Presentation on the Moms & Newborn delivery Kits

Students Donating to support the Moms& Newborn Delivery Kits

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