New TFCH young support staff shares her field work experience



TFCH as youth led organization is known to be very active in engaging young people to gain more skills in public health, youth empowerment, humanitarian /community services, leadership / management trainings. TFCH provides opportunities for young people through, full time employment , internship, voluntary work, trainings/capacity building.
One of our new support staff shares her field work experience below:

My name is Ezinne Vero Olumba , I graduated from Coventry University, England. United Kingdom with MSc in Nursing
Recently, I joined Traffina Foundation for Community Health (TFCH) as a support staff . As a young person I have been inspired by the efforts TFCH in saving lives of mothers and new born in Nigeria .Shortly after I resumed work, I attended my first community outreach at Abaji general hospital. Before our visit, I expected that the hospital would be dilapidated and that women would not be coming to the hospital for antenatal and delivery. But on arrival, I noticed that the hospital is still functional, some women attend antenatal and atleast 20 women deliver in the hospital monthly. Nevertheless, a significant number of women in the community who may or may not have attended antenatal still deliver their babies at home. Through interacting with the pregnant mothers, it was discovered that poverty and inability to provide items for hospital delivery is an outstanding cause of this problem.

Ezinne interacting with the pregnant mothers

Ezinne interacting with the pregnant mothers

In response to this, clean birth kits were supplied to the hospital free by my organization in order to be used free of charge for every woman who delivers at the hospital. The birth kit which meets the health needs of women in rural communities contains all items needed for delivery and care of the new-born, including Misoprostol for management of PPH and chlohexidine gel for cord care .

In less than a month after our visit, 30 mothers delivered their babies at the hospital using TFCH’s clean birth kits. The kits attracted women to hospital deliveries especially those who usually deliver at home and could have lost their lives or that of their babies. Also, Misoprostol tablets provided by TFCH was used in the hospital to manage and prevent post-partum hemorrhage. Among, the 30 mothers who delivered, 12 of them had post-partum hemorrhage and all that was used to stop it and prevent them from possibly dying was just three tablets of misoprostol for each of them. Imagine how many mothers would have lost their lives if this medication was not available at the facility which is located in a rural community. TFCH is committed to preventing maternal and newborn mortality especially in rural communities. The organization has excellent strategies and interventions in line with this. Be part of this noble course

I am proud to be Here, I am glad to be part of this energetic and innovative young people saving lives in Nigeria because majority of the work going on here all very innovative, youth funded and donations.
Thank you to the founder Nomso and all the amazing young people at TFCH for this great opportunity .


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