Misoprostol and chlohexidine added in Traffina foundation’s Clean birth kits



Post-partum haemorrhage (PPH) is one of the major causes of maternal mortality in developing countries including Nigeria. PPH is also one of the most preventable causes of maternal mortality because it is mainly caused by failure of the uterus to contract (uterine atony). Uterine atony can be simply prevented by the use of injectable oxytocin and ergometrin. However, these injections may not be readily available in rural communities and there may not be skilled professionals to administer them.

Secondly about 30 per cent of new born deaths in Nigeria are attributable to infections; and this is an obstacle to the attainment of the United Nations MDGs by 2015.
A recent report by Save the Children, a nongovernmental organization shows that 2.9 million babies died within 28 days after delivery due to complications during birth, and infections

Oh I had many friends / relatives who died at point of delivery due to excessive bleeding and cord infection. It broke my heart then, this was also one the reasons am on this this work today…to end Maternal and new born death in Nigeria

Many Nigerian women have died due to “heavy bleeding “ during delivery, as even the young and old refers it. This has affected many, many has mourned due to this……

Good News !! Good news!! Good news!!!!!: We are excited to announce that Misoprostol and chlorhexidine gel are now included in the clean delivery kit provided by Traffina Foundation for Community Health. We are sure making efforts to END maternal and new born death in Nigeria

Misoprostol can be used in rural settings (primary health centers) or even the traditional birth homes  where there is no access to conventional uterotonics. Just 3 tablets of misoprostol (600mcg) swallowed or placed under the tongue saves the life of a woman who could have died from Postpartum haemorrhage or bleeding in rural communities. It indeed works like magic, Miso does not only stop the bleeding but also helps push out retained product of conception

Also, Chlorhexidine gel (an antiseptic antibacterial agent) can be used to clean the cord of a new born baby in order to prevent and treat cord infections which can lead to neonatal death. Severe infection is one of the top three causes of newborn deaths worldwide, claiming approximately 13% of all neonatal deaths each year (Liu et al. 2012). In low-resource, high-mortality settings like Nigeria, infections can account for over half of the neonatal deaths. A baby’s newly cut umbilical cord can be an entry point for bacteria, which can lead to cord infection and potentially life-threatening sepsis. Poor hygiene and lack of antisepsis at birth and in the first week of life increases the risk of deadly but preventable infections.

The report also noted that 950, 000 newborn deaths can be prevented every year, this will cause a reduction in newborn mortality by 38 per cent if this is well distributed

These are very acceptable, feasible and cost-effective strategy to reduce neonatal mortality in settings where poor hygiene and high neonatal mortality are issues and Traffina Foundation through the “1 KIT SAVES 2 “ project is ready to make a change to End maternal and new born health in Nigeria by providing the free clean birth kits.

We say Thank you to Marie-Stops Nigeria for supporting with the Misoprostol….

While we purchase and self-fund Chlohexidine….The “1 KIT SAVES 2” project is very much open for support and partnership ….

Let’s save our mothers and babies from preventable deaths….

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