Celebrating the faces of our mothers and new born who got the free clean birth kits


We are very excited to let you know that delivery attendance in our facilities has indeed increased , the free clean birth kits has served as a good incentive ,providing supports / motivation to large number of women in rural communities who without this intervention had the choice to patronize quack delivery homes..hmmmm and of course you know the outcome is usually not a good one.

TFCH is doing a great job improving maternal and new born health across Nigeria.

we have so far recorded 2 sets of twin….really excited about this…

Thanks to all our dearest Partners for your support

Take a look at the lives we have saved. Beautiful mothers and babies.

We have given out 6000 free clean birth kits so far, we have 42,000 women to reach out to, please join and support us provide this clean birth kits to save more lives.

Mama Twins pictures 061  SAMSUNG

Mama Twins 1                                  Mama twins 2



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